1701 Classic Copper Kitchen Collection


The Copper Kitchen pays homage to where 1701 all began. This Collection brings together the quintessential experience and taste of 1701.

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1 x 160g Almond Nougat Box
1 x 160g Macadamia Nougat Box
1 x 120g Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Brittle Box
1 x 200g Packet of Italian Florentine’s Dipped in Belgian Chocolate
1 x 200g Packet of Macadamia Nougat Shortbread
1 x 200g Packet of Pecan Shortbread
1 x 200g Packet of Ginger Cookies
1 x 200g Packet of Chewy Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies


Each Collection is housed in a luxurious hat box, large enough to fit a variety of unique and bespoke products. The hat box is lined with our signature tissue paper, where the products are beautifully nestled. Each Collection is completed with our 1701 Luxury Collection ribbon and tag.

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 22 cm