Corporate Gift Giving and Event Experiences

In a new brand world where experiences matter more than ever, giving a meaningful gift to a customer can create loyalty for life. We believe that the special feeling of giving gifts from one person to another also applies between a business and their consumers. Connecting with 1701 will help your brand share this feeling and get the most out of events, direct marketing or any other gifting occasion you might need.

Our passionate team will meet with you to understand and interpret the themes of your event and your brand; bringing these to life in true 1701 style. Working with our design team also ensures your corporate identity and branding imperatives are built into the experience we deliver to your customer. This means that what we produce for our clients is always tailored to their unique needs and on-brand.

We deliver anywhere in South Africa and would love to work with you to help you make your customers feel special.

Contact us here: info@1701.co.za

Bespoke Experiences

Since our inception, we have strived to set the highest international standard for gift-giving and special occasions. Whatever your special occasion or event might be, we will work closely with you to create a tailored experience that meets all of your needs.

We live and breathe gift-giving and quality experiences, which means no element is overlooked; from our hand tied ribbons to our beautifully-designed product tags. Every gift we create carries the signature 1701 air of sophistication, consideration and most importantly: The pleasure someone feels when they interact with our product.

We deliver anywhere in South Africa and look forward to helping you make your special occasion even more special.

Contact us here: info@1701.co.za