Our Story

We are 1701

Why gifting?

Gifting. An act of pure intention - a chance to demonstrate how you value and appreciate another person. It’s an opportunity to connect. Gifting, one of the most powerful languages of love.


Why 1701?

Too often gifting companies settle for generic or mass-produced solutions. For this reason we ensure that everything we create and curate is done with the utmost personal touch. Every hand-cut and wrapped Honey Nougat, complete with hand-tied ribbon and individually written card set to perfection, carries with it the great deal of care and focus we imbue into every product we create. We stop at nothing less than ensuring a genuine and personal experience with every gift.

But we’ve moved beyond our signature Honey Nougat to bring you a vaster collection of gifting solutions. Both created and curated, our solutions range from confectionery items such as handmade biscuits, brittles and nougat, to fully-tailored 1701 Collections, which bring together some of the world’s finest brands. Through our strategic partnering with other brands, we further deliver our promise of gifting in good taste.


Where to from here?

With three years under our belt, 1701 is growing from strength to strength. By combining our drive for excellence with our meticulous focus on detail, honest and effective services,  as well as support and upliftment of local brands, we are proud to share our successes with our partners and indeed our customers. 

We are proud to introduce to you 1701 gifting solutions and collections. Give a gift worth giving, because with 1701, it’s all a matter of good taste.

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