Our Story

An indulgent celebration of the art of gift-giving

We believe there is nothing more important than showing someone else what they mean to you; an honest expression of your feelings to another. Everything we do, from the way we create our confectionery, through to our packaging and the experience you have when you untie our signature ribbon is inspired by this idea.

Our story begins in a family kitchen, where a cordon-bleu trained chef shared her special recipe for nougat with her son. This was the gift that started it all, and everything we do is imbued with this feeling.

Every batch of our decadent nougat we create is made with real egg whites, cut by hand, then lovingly wrapped in our special paper. It’s placed in a beautiful box, then secured with a hand-tied ribbon. There are simpler ways to make nougat and easier ways to package it, but we know only one way to do things – we call it the ‘1701 way’. With the care and attention we put into our product, it ensures an indulgent, superlative experience every single time and most importantly, it honours the original gift that inspired our brand.

While the 1701 story began with our nougat, we have now expanded our repertoire to include biscuits, brittles and other hand-crafted confectionery. We feel these natural extensions of our brand still hold true to that special family moment that inspired us and we put just as much love into these as we do our nougat. It’s the 1701 way.

Finally, we created 1701 Collections, an opportunity for us to partner with like-minded brands and companies in order for them to give gifts to people who are special to them. To date, we’ve built partnerships with the likes of Porsche, First National Bank and Sun International, and we would love to partner with you too.