Our Story

We are 1701

Born of the desire to create an experience of refined and exquisite taste, 1701 is the coming together of culinary excellence, bespoke gifting curation and an appreciation for the finer things. Lianne and Nicholas Scher - a mother and son duo - are the perfect complement of creative gastronomy and brand custodianship. Together their creation of hand-cut, hand-packed and hand-crafted Honey Nougat and hand-picked gifts have redefined the art of good taste.

Lianne, with her insatiable drive for creative flare, heads up the kitchen with her dynamic vision coupled with culinary excellence and Cordon Bleu training. With an eye for the unique, Lianne has worked across fashion, interior design and jewelry design, and now finds herself immersed in the fine and rare art of Honey Nougat creation.

Nicholas gives purpose, direction and potential to the 1701 brand through his clear and driven vision. With an impeccable focus on the brand persona, down to the finest point, he has aligned the brand with experiences, moments and items of an equally bespoke nature. Nicholas ensures that the meaning of good taste is not lost on his market.

1701 is about more than just the Honey Nougat they create or the Gift Collections they curate. By applying the personal touch of a family-run business, it is a brand that aligns and enhances lifestyles. Through meticulous attention to detail, coupled with a hunger for experimental solutions, this is the perfect complement to the finer moments in life.

Nuts consumed per year
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1701 is a brand that aligns & enhances lifestyles

2015 - present

1701 started in April 2015. We have grown exponentially! The 1701 brand will be growing with exciting projects and collaborations, which will be seen in the months and years to come. We will be there for all your finer moments.


Your customer service is amazing
Tebogo Mabogoane, Old Mutual
1701 Nougat is the best I have ever tasted, its an overall experience from the moment you have the beautifully presented box in your hands, to the moment it hits your lips
Lisa Du Plessis
I would just like to advise that the ladies are over the moon with the beautiful gifts. They are very impressed. It was hand delivered to their desks this morning. Thank you kindly for assisting us with our Secretary’s Day. Much appreciated – the gifts are truly beautiful
Ilze Lemmer, African Bank